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“Day one of the new job. Feeling nervous.”

“Mom lost her battle today.”

“I’m pretty sure my dog believes he’s head of the household.”

Every second of every day, social media buzzes with posts about the most personal details of our lives. It’s often where we go when we want to celebrate, mourn, laugh, and find comfort. It has become our collective virtual scrapbook, journal, memoir, and support group.

But it also has become a place where people feel empowered to say things to each other that they might never say in person. As positive and uplifting as social media can be, it also can be a place where people can hurt us when we are most vulnerable.

I am Lynn Marie and this is “Real Pearls,” a blog on my new Pearls of Wisdom™ website, a safe online forum where we will elevate each other by sharing knowledge, hope, and joy.

I have created Pearls of Wisdom™ because I am passionate about helping people document their most precious and transformational experiences while connecting with others who want to be part of those events. I have created it because I’ve had the same life ups and downs that many of you have had—marriage, divorce, career change, illness, loss of a loved one and, unfortunately, being the target of someone’s anger and harassment online. I know how important it is to have meaningful relationships during these times.

On this site, we will use the power of technology to enhance each other’s lives. Use your Pearls of Wisdom™ account to announce a life-changing event such as a celebratory occasion or a significant challenge, and invite people you love and trust to share their own, similar experiences and the wisdom they discovered along the way.

As a Pearls user, you decide how private or public your account is and you control who can comment and which comments are published. You can even give someone else a Pearls account as a gift to celebrate or otherwise mark a significant life event.

Let’s share our happiness, sadness, struggles, dreams, and the lessons we learn along the way—the “priceless pearls”—in a positive, mutually supportive space.

I heard once that “if you love something, it tells you its secrets.”™ To me this means that if we focus on the things we love to do, or the people we love to be near, the insights and answers we’re looking for in our lives will unfold to us.

I can’t wait to see the wisdom that unfolds itself on this site and in response to this blog. Stay tuned for more posts about the life celebrations and challenges we have in common, and be ready to add your pearls soon!

… Lynn Marie

I chose this baby photo of myself with my aunt because it personifies the pearls of wisdom we can and should share with each other. It also represents my love for pearls—they are my trademark because I even wear pearls with T-shirts! More to come on “all things pearls.”