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Welcome to Pearls of Wisdom!

“Day one of the new job. Feeling nervous.”

“Mom lost her battle today.”

“I’m pretty sure my dog believes he’s head of the household.”

Every second of every day, social media buzzes with posts about the most personal details of our lives. It’s often where we go when we want to celebrate, mourn, laugh, and find comfort. It has become our collective virtual scrapbook, journal, memoir, and support group.

But it also has become a place where people feel empowered to say things to each other that they might never say in person. As positive and uplifting as social media can be, it also can be a place where people can hurt us when we are most vulnerable.

I am Lynn Marie and this is “Real Pearls,” a blog on my new Pearls of Wisdom™ website, a safe online connection space where we elevate each other by sharing life’s milestones with those who matter most. 

I have created Pearls of Wisdom because I am passionate about helping people document their most precious and transformational life experiences while connecting with others who want to be part of those life-changing events. I have created it because I’ve had the same life ups and downs that many of you have had: marriage, divorce, promotions, career change, illness, loss of a loved one and unfortunately, being the target of someone’s anger and harassment online. I know how important it is to have earnest and meaningful relationships during these times. 

On this site, we use the power of technology to enhance each other’s lives. Pearls is your virtual living room, where you gather words of wisdom and well wishes from those you love and trust for your life’s most significant events. Use your Pearls of Wisdom account to announce a life-changing event: a special occasion, such as a wedding, baby, graduation, or a significant challenge in your life, such as a serious illness or loss of a loved one. Invite those who matter most to you to share their own experiences and the wisdom they discovered along the way as you celebrate a joyous occasion or struggle with a life-altering circumstance.

As a Pearls user, you decide how private or public your account is, and you control who can comment and which comments are published. You can even give someone else a Pearls account as a priceless and unique gift to celebrate or otherwise mark a significant life moment.

The Pearls of Wisdom will be “priceless”, being able to revisit, for free, the thread of positive energy family and friends have created for the life event. You will also have the option to purchase personalized frame-able word art… our one-of-a-kind keepsakes of the Pearls of Wisdom for yourself or for someone else.

It’s important to me to be able to celebrate and support those dear to me. With wonderful family & friends, as well as proud past lives in education and as a military spouse, I’ve been fortunate to have a support system near and far during my life’s chapters across the country. I wish the same for you in your life and want you to know that you’re not alone! Let’s share our happiness, sadness, dreams, struggles, and the lessons we learn along the way—the “priceless pearls”—in a positive, mutually supportive space. 

I can’t wait to see your wisdom revealed on this site and in response to the Real Pearls blog. We launched softly in January with Everyday Pearls, a collection of inspirational quotes and the Real Pearls blog, if you’d like to peek in the Archives. Now I’m ready for the big leap, opening up the Pearls platform so that you can begin sharing with and being inspired by the people in your life who mean the most to you. Stay tuned for more posts about the life celebrations and challenges we have in common, and be ready to add your Pearls, too!

Stay in touch,

… Lynn Marie

I’m a small town girl living in a big world with all its splendor and struggles. I learned most everything I needed to know in life from my hometown, and I’m still learning. This baby photo of myself personifies the Pearls of Wisdom that we can share with each other in a safe and secure environment.  Sometimes Pearls are blurry to us when we are young – like this old photo – but become clear as we age and learn more.


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Lynn Marie is the creator of Pearls of Wisdom, a free virtual space to honor, help and heal loved ones through their own words of wisdom for life’s important occasions. Preserving with word art for purchase. Inspired by many.