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“Our March Madness”

“It seems we’ve all been sent to our rooms to think about what we’ve done”, I noticed in a social feed this week.

In a dramatic way, we are getting a time-out. A chance to pause.

How many times in recent years have we thought…

  • I need to stop rushing around.
  • I need more time to get things done around the house.
  • I need more time with my family.
  • I need more time to plan.
  • I want us to stop being divided as a nation.
  • I feel we need to better support each other as human beings.

I’m not saying a crisis of exponential proportions is what we wanted. But it does force us to take action on what we already know.

What is the hidden gift?


As Sara Blakely recently said, “Sometimes life’s greatest challenges are just preparing us to change the world.”

We know time is a gift. We have the opportunity to use it wisely now. We have the chance to recognize how fragile life is before it’s too late.

And we have an opportunity to create.

If we take a nod from history, Isaac Newton used his time well during the London plague’s “social distancing”. Remember the apple falling from the tree and his laws of gravity?

Let’s reframe the time that has fallen in our laps. It’s like a portal in time that we will reflect upon later. We’ll wish we had used it better. 

“Hindsight is 2020” ringing any bells?

Instead of thinking of all the things we can’t do, like go to restaurants, the gym, live concerts, sports events, our places of worship and more…think of what we can do. Keep our hearts and minds open while everything else shuts down.

Maybe you are using this time in the short term to catch up on those household chores or truly invest time with your family. Or gain knowledge by reading or taking an online course.

We can also use this time as a long term view for the future.

This pandemic can teach us how widespread and quickly we can impact each other. What if we could completely flip that into positive actions in exponential proportions?


Think of who can benefit from the quarantine (besides the manufacturers of sanitizer and paper products. Or divorce lawyers. And I imagine obstetricians about 9 months from now with a new baby boomer generation).

Things are going to come out of this that are creative and positive for others. The American spirit is already in action with ingenuity and humanity to benefit the greater good.

Yes, we will have many negatives as well. Loss of life. And that is precisely what should jar us into taking new and different actions in our precious lives.

While. We. Can.

Take everything that you are and everything you can be. Focus. And do what must be done to fight this invisible enemy.

Think of social distancing as physical distancing, not social isolation. Social distancing can actually bring us closer in a way. We’re not alone!

As I heard someone say, “Our grandparents were called to war, we are being asked to sit on a sofa. I think we can do this.”

But we can do more than sit idly.

Do appreciate the time and joyful chaos with your immediate family. Or appreciate the solitude and calm at home, if you’re physically alone. And be sure to use the time as inspiration for our new world as well.

Yes, financial health is a critical concern. We are learning that the old saying is proving to be true, “If you don’t have your health, you have nothing at all.”

Six feet apart is better than six under.

Choose peace over panic. Help subdue the madness.

Tell those most important to you that you love them. Reach out to those you haven’t spoken to in a while.

I think they’re home.  


Wishing health, strength and safety to you and those who mean the most to you.

…Lynn Marie  


p.s. Keep in mind that even if temporarily separated from family and friends, Pearls of Wisdom can help you celebrate or otherwise mark your life occasion in a meaningful way. Start your own “Strand of Pearls” online to offer hope and joy during life’s milestones.


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