Frequently Asked Questions

Answers to our commonly asked questions

Pearls of Wisdom are words of wisdom – knowledge, hope, or joy – provided by those
we love and trust for a life-changing event or occasion.

A Strand of Pearls is a collection of Pearls of Wisdom provided by those you love and trust for a life-changing event. The Strand is made available at no cost to any recipient, sponsor, or invited participant.

A Strand of Pearls will be available for online safekeeping as a memento at no cost, for the recipient to view at any time they are logged into their account.

If a recipient or sponsor would like to have the Strand of Pearls made into a keepsake, they may purchase a digital word art keepsake that can be shared and posted to social media pages, and/or can be made into a frame-able keepsake themselves or by their own professional framer.

There are 12 life events in our current collection: Anniversary, Appreciation, Baby, Birthday, Graduation, Hope and Encouragement, Loss of a Loved One, New Career, New Home, Serious Illness, Starting Over, and Wedding.

Pearls of Wisdom is very interested in learning about the life events that you would like us to include in the future.

Please Contact Us to let us know which life events you would like us to consider adding in the future!

A Recipient is a user who has either set up a free account to accept Pearls of Wisdom for their own specific life-changing event, OR someone else has set up a free account for them, most likely for a specific life-changing event.

A sponsor is a user who has set up a free account to organize Pearls of Wisdom on behalf of a recipient for a specific event. This can be set up as a surprise OR can be set up with the recipient being fully aware of the free account.

A Participant is an invited individual that either the recipient OR the sponsor has included to submit a Pearl of Wisdom for the recipient’s specific life event.

  *(recipient, sponsor, or participant)

No, all users can register for a free account to give or receive Pearls of Wisdom for any life event Strand. If a recipient or a sponsor would like to purchase a digital word art keepsake of the Strand of Pearls, the option is made available to them once the life event is marked as ‘closed’. Invited participants are not yet eligible to purchase the one-of-a-kind digital word art directly. However, universal word art keepsakes can be purchased at any time without setting up an account or a life event.

A Pearls of Wisdom Memento is the online Strand of Pearls that is free and available to view for safekeeping at any time the recipient or sponsor is logged into their account.

A Pearls of Wisdom One-of-a-Kind Keepsake is a customized and unique piece of digital word art that can be purchased by the recipient or sponsor, which is made from the collection of Pearls of Wisdom provided by friends, family and special guests for the recipient’s life-changing event.

A Pearls of Wisdom Universal Keepsake is a ready-made piece of digital word art that can be purchased without an account and without creating a life event. The universal words of wisdom are written by Pearls of Wisdom and are available to review prior to purchase. Universal keepsakes may also be personalized with name and event date for an additional fee.

Word Art Keepsakes can be printed and framed on your own or by a professional custom framing business. Although we are not affiliated, we can suggest uploading your digital file to, the online framing subsidiary of Michael’s. 

For convenience and product safety, keepsakes can be printed and framed on your own with a standard ready-made frame.

For professional custom framing, we recommend that you use an online framing service, such as which is a subsidiary of Michael’s. You can upload the digital file and select from framing, canvas, wood or glass options! They can deliver directly to the recipient. We have found this service to be timely, high quality, and reasonably priced. And, it’s a safe way to frame and deliver the finished product. 

However, Pearls of Wisdom is not an affiliate of, and we are not held responsible for your interactions, service or products with them, Michael’s or any professional framing service.