About Us

Using the Power of Technology and Words to Honor, Help and Heal

Hi, I’m Lynn Marie, the creator of Pearls of Wisdom. I’d love to share my “WHY” with you…

I’ve created Pearls of Wisdom because I’ve had the same life ups and downs that many of you have had: marriage, divorce, promotions, career change, illness, loss of a loved one and unfortunately, being the target of someone’s anger and harassment online. 

I know how supportive it feels to receive well wishes and words of wisdom from those I love and trust during these times. It’s important to have earnest and meaningful relationships, whether near or far from you. 

I wish you the support you need during the milestones of your lives. You’re not alone! 

I chose this baby photo of myself because it personifies the Pearls of Wisdom we can and should share with those we love and trust in a safe environment.

Baby Lynn with Aunt

Using the power of technology and words to honor, help, and heal. 

With core values of Accessibility, Privacy and Inclusion, my vision is for people to virtually celebrate the lives of their loved ones in a positive and safe manner at no cost.

The idea to create Pearls of Wisdom partially came from attending multiple graduations each year in my higher education career. I wanted to find a way to capture advice and well wishes for graduates, and others celebrating special occasions, in an inventive and complimentary way. Remember, compliments are complimentary! 

Imagine "greeting card meets social platform"!

I love a reason to pop champagne, whether a graduation, wedding, baby, birthday, and more! So, I planned my prototype for weddings because there were 3 weddings in the same year to celebrate amongst my family and friends. Later, I introduced Pearls of Wisdom to the public.

It was a priority for me to develop a secure and private way to spread positive online messages for life’s milestones in our digital world. Words can hurt, or words can help.

I particularly wanted to find ways to reduce social & cyber-bullying for our youth and teens. Social bullying can include spreading rumors, leaving out others, embarrassing someone or ignoring someone. It can be even more damaging when it occurs online, and has led many teens and youth to experience emotional and physical damage. And tragically, even suicide.

That’s why I’m donating 5% of Pearls of Wisdom’s word art sales to Stand for the Silent, a non-profit organization that empowers youth and communities to create cultures of kindness and stand up to bullying.

Thank you for joining me online to honor, help or heal those around us with positive messages for life’s milestones!

Lynn Marie