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i, I'm Lynn Marie, the creator of Pearls of Wisdom, a positive, personalized, and private online connection space where we share life's milestones with those who matter most.

I have created Pearls of Wisdom because I am passionate about helping people document their most precious and transformational experiences while connecting with others who want to be part of those life-changing events. I have created it because I've had the same life ups and downs that many of you have had. I love celebrating and supporting those dear to me, and I'm fortunate to experience the same in return.

Pearls is not just another social networking site. It's your virtual living room! On this social site, we use the power of technology to share our "priceless pearls" in a safe and mutually supportive space. Use Pearls to announce a special occasion or share a significant challenge in your life. Invite people you love and trust to share their own similar experiences… their knowledge, hope or joy… they discovered along the way.

I chose this baby photo of myself with my aunt because it personifies the Pearls of Wisdom we can and should share with each other in a safe and secure environment. Apparently, I even loved Pearls as a baby! Click here for more on the Pearls of Wisdom origin story.

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